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What makes a good internship experience?

Posted by Gradconnection
In a competitive job market, internships are a valuable experience for students to get job-ready during their university years. With limited time, finding the perfect internship experience is crucial. So, what makes a good internship and how can you get the most out of it?

What are Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and how do they work?

Posted by Lucas Leung
In basic terms, an applicant tracking system (ATS) is a robot that sifts through a mass number of resumes, giving some to humans to read if it matches a job description and then discarding the rest into a black hole. This is why it's a huge bonus to understand how an ATS works and outsmart it so that your resume makes it into the hands of a human (recruiter).

How to create the perfect resume/CV

Posted by Lucas Leung
Your CV, along with your cover letter, form your first impression to a potential employer. Knowing how to write a great CV will significantly increase your chances of landing a job interview as it is an easy way to set yourselves apart from others.

Everything you need to know about writing a cover letter

Posted by Lucas Leung
A cover letter is also known as a letter of motivation, which is attached to a resume or CV. The purpose of a cover letter is to provide further detail on how your skill set might align with a role, why a company is the right fit for you, and what you can bring to the team. There are a lot of differing opinions out there about whether you even need a cover letter, but the truth is, in most cases you definitely do.

A 7 point checklist on how to research a company you want to work for

Posted by Lucas Leung
Company research will not only help you decide where you want to apply, but it is also great preparation for your interview or something extra you can include in your cover letter.

The Grad Recruitment Process In a Nutshell

Posted by Lucas Leung
Every single year, thousands of students embark on the journey of applying for graduate programs or entry-level roles at their dream companies. In this very competitive landscape, it is super important that you not only understand the process but also prepare as early as possible. Whilst every company is a little different, many of the large graduate programs follow a similar high-level process.

Upcoming Webinars for Students with Graduate Employers

Posted by Kat Czornij
Register below to upcoming Graduate Employers webinars, hosted by GradConnection.

GRADCONNECTION & PACT WEBINAR: Unpacking Our Student Survey - What Do Students Actually Think About Virtual Recruitment & Engagement?

Posted by Kat Czornij
With the unexpected need to move this year’s campus recruitment activities online, we wanted to understand how students felt about virtual recruitment and what their preferences were. We did a quick survey amongst students in APAC and got over 300 responses. On Thursday 3rd of September we co-hosted a webinar with PACT to share the results of the survey, reviewing what students had to say, and then discussing how it impacts our industry with our guest panelists.

Attend Virtual University Career Fairs and Connect with Students Virtually

Posted by Wesley Thorne
The University of San Diego Career Development Center will be hosting industry-specific virtual career fairs this fall, facilitating connections between employers and USD students looking for internships and full-time opportunities. To register your interest in any of the USD Career Fairs listed below, please select this page and fill in the Career Fair Interest Form.

Key insights from GradConnection Returnee Student Webinar - Finding Career Opportunities Back Home in Asia in 2020

Posted by Bonnie Chan
If returning home in the current climate wasn't daunting enough, returnee students will now have to navigate their way through unchartered territory as they begin searching for graduate job opportunities in Hong Kong. GradConnection hosted a webinar for Returnee Students on Wednesday the 12th August, with the aim of supporting these returnee students as they begin searching for jobs back home in Asia in 2020.



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