You’re Invited to GradConnection’s 2018 Returnee Summit

Posted by Anthony Peixoto

After the success of our inaugural 2017 GradConnection Returnee Summit, we’re pleased to be hosting the event again in 2018. The Summit aims to connect top Asian employers with renowned overseas universities (namely from Australia, USA, and UK) and their returnee students to improve employability outcomes.

The 2018 GradConnection Returnee Summit is an invaluable opportunity for Asia’s top employers to network face-to-face with universities to develop relationships and secure access to top returnee students.

Why Attend the Summit?

Our recent 2017 Returnee Report found that roughly 50% of employers only target universities they are aware of because of their knowledge of returnee student numbers and demographics. 

The top reason why you don’t target specific universities was due to a lack of awareness of international returnee numbers and study disciplines (54%).

We aim to improve your awareness by connecting you with our renowned partnering universities to improve the employability outcomes of their top returnee students.

The 2018 Summit Program

The 2018 GradConnection Returnee Summit runs from the 24th to 25th July, in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Due to the success of our 2017 Summit, we have secured a larger venue in anticipation of increased attendance by universities, returnee students, and employers.

Over the two-day event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and network directly with universities and their attending returnees. 

Day 1: Networking event and panel session for employers and universities

During this evening event, you’ll be able to:

  • Network with 30-40 reputable universities from Australia, UK, and USA
  • Participate in a discussion panel between employers and universities to gain insight into student numbers, challenges, and opportunities.

Day 2: Returnee career fair

The second day of the Summit is the career fair, where you will have the opportunity to promote your organisation to the attending returnee students. 

There are 30 career fair exhibitor booths available for Employers looking to stand out at the Fair and connect face-to-face with returnees.  An exhibitor booth enables you to showcase your employer brand and job opportunities to a large number of qualified returnee students, with online promotion and logo branding.

You can download our 2018 Returnee Summit event brochure for more details about the event and the exhibitor booth pricing packages.

Reserve Your Space at the 2018 GradConnection Returnee Summit

Last year, more than 700 returnee students registered to attend the Career Fair on Day 2. We also welcomed 30 university career centre representatives from Australia, UK, and the USA, and around 100 Asia-based employers over the two days. 

With a bigger venue booked in 2018, we’re expecting many more! 

To register your attendance at the 2018 Returnee Summit and reserve your space at the Fair – please email [email protected]


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