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Employment, skill development and study in STEM has been coined as essential and the way forward for our future, both in the graduate and wider careers space. When thinking of these four disciplines - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - roles such as IT Support, Analyst or Statistician typically come top of mind. But the range in careers you could embark on across these disciplines actually spans far wider that you might think. Using this handy Career Wheel from the ACS Foundation, we break down some of the less obvious employment pathways across four key quadrants in STEM below. 

Source: ACS Foundation

Technical Services 

In today's world there’s a growing need for cybersecurity, which means more opportunities for you to explore a career in technical services with big name brands such as Microsoft, Telstra and Amazon Web Services.  

Career Path Examples: 

By Studying... You Could Become A...
TelecommunicationsCloud Specialist
Computer ScienceIT Consultant
SecurityDigital Forensics Investigator 

Content & Design

This one’s for all the creative brains out there! Did you know that some areas of digital marketing also fall into STEM? As online media continues to grow as one of the most crucial forms of communication, more specialised technical roles are emerging and which you could see you working in large companies such as YouTube, Adobe and Facebook. 

Career Path Examples: 

By Studying... You Could Become A...
Communications/MarketingSEO Specialist
Games Development Games Designer 
Graphic DesignUX/UI Designer

Product Development 

Product development is an area which truly combines your creativity with your technical skills. From app development for Google to exploring the fascinating and expanding world of AI/Machine Learning at Atlassian, there are several pathways for you to enter this quadrant of the STEM world. 

Career Path Examples: 

By Studying... You Could Become A...
Electrical EngineeringHardware Developer
Data ScienceAutomation Engineering for AI/Machine Learning
Software EngineeringProgrammer

Business Data 

Combine your IT and business knowledge with companies such as CSIRO and IBM – you could take on an analytics or support role and work your way up to a managerial position in a diverse range of specialised industries.   

Career Path Examples: 

By Studying... You Could Become A...
Maths/StatisticsData Architect
Information Systems Systems Integrator
GovernmentIT Manager


To find out more – check out the interactive wheel here. 

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