The Top 3 Presenting Skills All Students & Graduates Need

Posted by Transition Hub

Since our first 'Elevate Me' Workshop with GradConnection, we've connected with the GC community and coached students & graduates at all stages of their career journey and next steps into the workplace. Across the board, as professional development coaches, we are constantly asked for help across all aspects of presenting.

We've identified 3 key areas that you all will find value in developing and practicing further, and these are the same skills our corporate clients ask us to work on with them every day, supporting them to bring energy, clarity, and structure to their presentations.

  1. Clear Messaging - Essential to a successful presentation, this comes down to understanding your subject matter, distilling down your discussion points and taking your audience (be it a 1-1 or an all-hands meeting) on the journey with you. At Transition Hub, we work with our signature TH Message Map, a presentation template we have designed which is utilised by managers, executives and even senior partners that creates dynamic presentations with a clear structure.
  2. Understanding the Audience - No matter how great a presentation, if it isn't answering the question for the audience, it won't hit the mark! It's all about knowing communication styles, connecting with those in the room and speaking their language.
  3. The End Goal - What are you hoping to achieve at the end of your presentation? Keeping your eye on the prize is important, and will also influence the way you present, the length of your presentation and how you conclude to make an impact and achieve your goal - big or small!

Getting these skills right will give you the foundation to take into your career, and to use during your 1st round interviewing style, 2nd round presentations and early-stage communications in your next workplace.


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