Library of Resources For Practicing Psychometric Testing

Posted by Lucas Leung

Psychometric tests help graduate employers assess things like cognitive ability, problem-solving, general knowledge, personality traits (such as empathy, situational awareness), and are generally taken online. Whilst similar to online personality tests you have taken whilst procrastinating on an assignment, there is a lot more reasoning and science behind graduate psychometric tests and can be a good avenue to learn about who you are and how you operate!

Being prepared and familiar with the questions that can be asked will go a long way to ensuring you make it to the next round. Here are some resources you can use:

Sova Assessment

Sova is another major provider of tests that you might encounter and have published a guide and overview that will help you in your graduate job hunt for when you come across their tests →

Psychometric Institute

This website has a number of example test questions for all reasoning types and is a great place to start →

Revelian Practice Tests

Revelian is one of the leading providers of psychometric tests that many large programs have used. If you are to practice any, practice this one as the results of a Revelian test are valid for a year →

Practice Aptitude Tests

This website is a psychometric testing platform that has free practice tests on different types of cognitive reasoning →

Career One

There are some free psychometric test samples here for you to practice →

Getting comfortable with the format and these practices is just one more thing you can do to help nail each step of the process. Good luck!


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