How to Maximise Virtual Careers Fairs

Posted by GradConnection

We’ve already discussed how to prepare for standard careers fairs and given suggestions for different kind of questions you can ask employers if you’re stuck. But as job fairs increasingly go virtual, what are some of the things you should keep in mind to maximise your experience online? We highlight some key points to remember in this blog post below. 

Check Your (Internet) Connection  

There’s nothing worse than being mid-conversation with someone you’re seriously impressing with your extensive company research only to drop out mid elevator-pitch. While they’re sure to be more than understanding in an era where technical difficulties have become the norm, do try your best to ensure you’re based in a spot with reliable connectivity where you won’t be disturbed! 

Don’t Forget about the Dress Code! 

The careers fair may have gone virtual, but you’ll still be on camera! While we won’t judge if you keep your comfy PJ bottoms on, make sure what will be in shot is at least looking presentable. No need to be overly formal, but smart/business casual is always a good choice. 

Keep it Simple

A clean background will keep the focus on you instead of the intricate paintings hanging on your wall. We recommend either uploading a virtual background with a predominantly neutral colour or applying a virtual background blur if available.  

Look Them in the Eyes 

There may be no distractions in the room around you, but there are a million distractions right at your fingertips - your laptop screen. Try to close any other tabs or windows you have and if you do have notes or questions open, make it sound natural when you're asking them instead of reading directly off the screen. Maintain eye contact and practice active listening i.e. nodding and smiling in response to conversation to let employers know they have your undivided attention (but also make sure you are actually listening to what they're saying so you can have a good response ready when it's time to speak and ask questions!)

Familiarise Yourself 

Don’t miss out on the advantages that having a virtual platform offers – research the exclusive features your particular hosting platform offers e.g. live reaction emojis, a dedicated questions chat or sharing your contact details at the click of a button! 


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