How to Manage Multiple Job Offers (With Examples!)

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It's about the time when you'll be starting to hear back from recruiters, and you might now have multiple grad role offers on the table! Congratulations! The good news is the hardest part is over – now you get to decide between two (or more!) opportunities. We take you through some steps below to help you make your decision – complete with message templates you can use! 

1. Stalling for Time 

If you simply need more time to make a decision between roles, you can try using a couple of strategies to buy yourself some extra time – remember to remain enthusiastic without committing to a concrete ‘Yes’ so recruiters don’t have any doubts about your continued interest in the role. 

  • Ask for any extra information you may want to know about the role e.g. benefits, salary, Ts&Cs 
  • Ask for a written offer – Nothing is concrete until you have it down in writing! If you’ve just received a verbal offer, make sure you reach out and ask for it in formal writing 

Example Message

Thank you [Recruiter Name], this all sounds wonderful and I am so excited to hear that [Company Name] would like to have me on board! Would you be able to provide me with a written offer along with more details about the role for my record and review? 

2. Negotiate the Deadline 

So you’ve received one offer, but are at the final interview stages with another employer and want to see it through. Mentioning potential competition to an employer who has already made an offer can be a tricky line to walk, but most recruiters will be willing to accommodate and appreciate you being honest and upfront.  

Example Message

I am thrilled to have received an offer from [Company Name] and am very excited at the prospect of joining the team. I am aware that the deadline for my decision is [Date] but would like to let you know that I have a final interview with another company this week and would like to see it through. I'd be very grateful if you could give me a couple of extra days to make an informed decision – would it be possible to extend my deadline to [Date]? Thank you for your understanding.  

Approaching the Potential Second Offer

If you have a strong inkling that a second offer may be coming soon, there are some ways to carefully try and fast-track that possibility with the recruiter.  

Example Message

I am very excited about the prospect of working for [Company Name] and have greatly enjoyed getting to know both the team and the company so far throughout the recruitment process. I wanted to let you know that I have received another offer from another employer and need to inform them of my decision by [date]. Is there any chance that you could let me know the outcome of your decision for this role before then, as I’d hate to miss out on an opportunity to work for [Company Name]. Thank you for your understanding. 

Ultimately, if you really are the candidate they want, mentioning other offers will likely work in your favour and make you more highly desired – you may even find even more incentives being thrown your way! 

3. Gather the Facts 

Regardless of whether you’ve managed to successfully shift deadlines, you still need to make a final decision! 

Some questions you can ask to narrow things down: 

  • Is there one of these roles that will benefit you for your long-term career goals, and offer more learning opportunities and career development? 
  • Does one company better align with your core values? 
  • Which role makes you feel more excited about work? (Sometimes it’s just a gut feeling!) 

Some helpful resources:

4. Let Them Down Easy 

Once you’ve made your decision, be sure to let the other employer/s know respectfully, that while you greatly appreciated their time, you’ve decided to go with another company. Be polite and don’t burn bridges - you never know what opportunities could come up down the line! 

Example Message

Thank you for your patience during this process and offering me the position of [role/program]. While it was an incredibly difficult decision, I have accepted a position with another company that I feel is currently better aligned with my career goals. It was lovely getting to meet you and thank you again for your time throughout the recruitment process. All the best [Your Name].  


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