How Joining Student Societies Can Help You Land a Grad Job

Posted by GradConnection

Student societies are a great way to explore and indulge in your different interests while you’re at university. While you might see this is as simply a fun way to make new friends or meet like-minded people, it could also prove extremely valuable in giving you a head start in your career journey! We discuss how in this blog post. 

Upskill at Free Will 

From President of the Chocolate Society to Editorial Manager for the University Newspaper, there’s an abundance of transferrable skills that you can take away from your position for future grad roles. For example, trying to meet deadlines in a busy student newsroom offers impressive training in time management and interviewing leads. This is a great alternative if you’re just starting out and wanting to get that bit of experience on paper that could get you a foot in the door of landing that dream internship.  All of this comes with the benefits of creative freedom and room for trial and error that doesn’t come with the pressure of a professional company! 

Network Away!  

Even if you don’t have time to commit to taking up executive positions, simply attending society-run events can be a huge boost! These can range from Q&A sessions to discipline-specific career panels like Women in STEM where employer representatives will be on the keen lookout for potential recruits. And because these events are often sponsored by employers themselves, most societies will have a ‘Sponsorships Officer’ role up for grabs in their team. This involves reaching out to, managing and forming relationships with relevant companies – sounds like the perfect opportunity to build your connections if you ask us!  

On the flipside, you’ll also have the chance to network with fellow students within the society itself. This is your shot to get to know the brightest and keenest of the bunch!  

It’s a Good Look  

Aside from showcasing your practical experience, having your involvement in student societies on your resume also helps your personality stand out amongst other candidates. It signals to your potential employers that you have initiative, are proactive in pursuing your passions and committed to showing up every week. An added bonus is if your society has a longstanding reputation outside of the university – it's a good look overall! 


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