5 Things To Look For In An Internship

Posted by GradConnection

With the variety of different internship experiences on offer it can be difficult deciding which ones to apply for. Even though applying to every single opportunity might seem like a great way of increasing your chances of receiving an internship, it's more important to consider which opportunities will provide you the best experience. In this article, we delve into what you should be looking for in an internship.

  1. The opportunity to upskill yourself

    The number one thing you should look for in an internship is the opportunity to learn new skills. When reading job descriptions, look for the types of responsibilities and tasks you might be given to get a better understanding of what you can get out of the internship. If the skills listed in the role description are things you're keen to learn, the internship might be a perfect match. A suitable internship will also teach you skills that are relevant to your career goals, as well as give you exposure to meaningful and impactful projects.

  2. The chance to work with like-minded and motivated people

    Your experience in an internship will in part be shaped by the people you are working with. If you can, try and find out what team you will be working with, as well as what the work culture is like- either through your own research or in your interview. It is important that your place of work allows you to be your best self, which is something that occurs naturally if you genuinely enjoy working there.

  3. An exciting and successful company doing things that align with your interests and passions

    On top of working with like-minded people, if the work you are doing is meaningful, impactful, and motivates you, the more you'll get out of your internship. If a company is leading in an industry you want to work in that's another great reason to apply, but don't discount opportunities in smaller companies! These will often offer you a closer look at a company as a whole, and have you working on core business projects. 

  4. A pathway for career development

    As you work on developing your early career, internships provide valuable opportunities to make connections and gain mentorship and professional development. Some internships might even specify the possiblity of a full-time or permanent position if you prove yourself during your time at the company! 

  5. Compensation

    And finally, even though compensation shouldn't be the deciding factor when looking for an internship, it might be something to keep in mind as an added bonus! 


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