5 Career Advice Podcasts You Should Check Out

Posted by GradConnection

Are you looking for some more advice to help you kick start your career journey in a convenient audio format? We’ve curated a list of five career advice podcasts you should check out below. 

1. my millennial career

A 2020 Australian Podcast Awards Finalist (Best in Business Podcast), my millennial career is hosted by recruitment/HR experts, Emily Bowen and Shelley Johnson. While the title might throw you off as not being the direct target audience, the two do a thorough job of covering the early career essentials - from “how to find a mentor” and “the 5 types of imposter syndrome" to more seemingly taboo career questions - “uh oh! you cried at work”. 


2. Interview Boss

The ~25 minute long-episodes of Interview Boss offer bite-sized pieces of insightful job search and career advice, including “How to follow up after a job interview” and “Reading between the lines of a job ad.” Hosted by sisters Sarah (Human Resources Business Partner ANZ, Under Armour) and Emma (second year journalism student), you get to enjoy the best of both ‘the brains and the banter!’ 


3. Graduate Theory

Uncover the stories of successful grads and executives with host James Fricker (Data Engineer & Former Technology Graduate, ANZ). You’ll get to hear from guests from all walks of life, including Josh Farr (Founder, Campus Consultancy) and Lisa Leong (Radio Presenter, ABC) as they share their perspective on the 'theory' to a successful career.  


4. Lady Startup Stories

The title is pretty self-explanatory for this one - do you have aspirations of owning your own business one day? Curious how others have done it before? Join host Shazzy Hunt as she chats to how some of the most successful female entrepreneurs of today build iconic brands like Frank Body, ModelCo and Marion’s Kitchen.   


5. Cram Time with GradConnection

Of course, we couldn’t not include our very own podcast, Cram Time with GradConnection. Join fellow recent grad, Karen (Marketing Assistant, GradConnection) and a special guest each month to hear their own unique advice, perspectives and stories on the early careers and job search journey. Tune in to our episodes so far on trying to land that first internship ft. 2022 Top100 Winners and the value of volunteering ft. Head of Volunteer, SEEK ANZ, Rebecca Miller. We may be bit biased, but we reckon it’s worth a listen 😉  



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