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4 Ways Your Graduate Program Can Attract More Women in IT

A diverse and inclusive workforce inspires innovation, creativity, and greater cohesion and workplace satisfaction. Yet for many employers hiring graduates to tech roles, there still remains great challenges in attracting women in IT to their organisation.

In 2015, it was reported that only 25% of all computing occupations were held by women. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Many of the high profile tech companies are experiencing the same challenges (even with their global brand!). 

How to get more women in IT excited about your graduate opportunities

Here are a few strategies to help you think differently about the way you connect with, inspire, and attract women in IT to your graduate opportunities. 

1. Increase awareness

IT roles consist of more than just sitting behind a computer screen and endlessly writing code. There’s a need to highlight the variety of roles and careers available in the technology space. And not just to list the roles on offer, but to connect each role to business or social impact outcomes. 

2. Promote your female role models

IT has traditionally been favoured by men more than women, which means there are fewer women in leadership positions to act as role models for up-and-coming students. Find a way to elevate your leader profiles with guest lectures, as program sponsors, or as mentors. 

3. Design and introduce women in tech programs

Create meaningful roles and opportunities for women in STEM. You might consider a Women in Tech scholarship as part of your Vacation or Graduate Programs, formally assign female tech leaders as graduate mentors, or  female leadership development programs.   

IBM have been leading the way with their gender equality initiatives, like with their EXCITE Camps (camps that inspire teenage girls to explore a career in STEM), and Femme in STEM; half-day on-site events based around AGILE. 

4. Include your diversity programs and initiatives on your GradConnection employer profile

We now provide a diversity profile pack as an optional extra for annual subscriptions so you can promote your opportunities and initiatives to women. You can create an equal opportunities page on your profile and include videos and/or text describing your organisation’s position and mission for supporting and encouraging women in tech roles.

If you’d like to attract more women in IT to your graduate program get in touch with [email protected].


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