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GradConnection has put together a returnee student survey in order to provide insight into the link between Chinese and Hong Kong-based employers and those graduates studying abroad.

Who are returnee students?

The large number of international students studying at western institutions is momentous, a number that continues to rise with each passing year. Commonly referred to as returnee students, many of these students move back to their home countries after having completed their tertiary studies, looking for employment.

Bridging the gap between returnee students and employers

As a result, GradConnection has partnered with leading tertiary institutions around the world with the ultimate goal of improved employability outcomes. Referred to as GradConnection Campus, this global job portal is conveniently located on the associated universities website and provides a centralised job source for top international employers and students around the world.

The GradConnection Returnee Report 2016

The aim of the Returnee Report is to provide insight into the hiring preferences of returnee students and to uncover the employability prospects for international students from universities based in Australia, the UK and the USA.

The GradConnection Returnee Report 2016 was run for the first time and was met with a very positive response. Based on research conducted by GradConnection between August and September 2016, the Returnee Report consisted of 93 China and Hong Kong-based employers participating across a number of industry sectors. The report was conducted via an online survey by way of multiple choice questions.

The key findings of the survey were as follows:

  • Returnee students from the USA and UK universities were highly targeted by employers above any other country.
  • 55% of employers have over 100 vacancies available.
  • 19% of employers don’t target universities because either they don’t have a contact at the university or know how to make contact.
  • Over 50% of employers don’t target universities because they don’t know the international student/returnee numbers at that university.
  • 86% of employers would consider targeting universities if they knew they had a large number of relevant international/returnee students.
  • 57% of employers’ reference successful past hiring as the most important attribute for targeting a university in the future.

Sharing the report findings

GradConnection was recently invited to share the 2016 Returnee Report findings with the heads of services at the 2016 AAGE Graduate Recruitment & Development Conference held in Melbourne, as well as at the AGCAS Heads of Service Conference 2017 in London Stansted. GradConnection is also due to attend the NACE Corrosion 2017 Conference & Expo in New Orleans in the month of March.

For more information and access to the full report, please contact Tony Ye.


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