Market Sentiment: Graduate Hiring Trends and Talent Shortage in Hong Kong

Posted by Bonnie Chan

As the world recovers from the pandemic, hiring needs across different industries continue to fluctuate. While the travel industry is experiencing growth in its headcount, tech companies are taking a hit lately. However, one thing that remains consistent is the talent shortage in Hong Kong, with employers needing help finding suitable candidates.

Graduates, in particular, are becoming increasingly selective when it comes to choosing their employers. They have access to more information these days, which has led to higher expectations across all areas, including salary, extra benefits, work-life balance, and more. They focus more on their present needs and want to know the purpose of their tasks and jobs. Flexibility at work, more holidays, and a good salary are also among their top priorities. Interestingly enough, training and development were not brought up at all, and some student representatives feel that on-the-job training is sufficient.

However, in our recent Bloomberg & GradConnection Campus Recruitment Round Table Event, some employers mentioned that students these days prefer to avoid tough jobs, even if there is a chance for career progression. This may be because everything has been virtual for the past three years, and the quality of hiring might be compromised. The word “virtual smart” has been frequently brought up during discussions, and employers are keen to move back to having more in-person interactions with students. Some employers also believe that students are mentally fragile these days, which is another factor to consider in the hiring process.

Overall, it is clear that the job market is changing, and employers need to adapt to the evolving needs and expectations of graduates. By offering competitive salaries, flexible work arrangements, and purposeful tasks, companies can attract the best talent and create a positive work culture that benefits both employees and employers.

This article was written with insights based on discussions that took place during the Bloomberg & GradConnection Campus Recruitment Round Table Event on 9 March 2023. If you are interested in finding out more about this topic please reach out to your account manager Bonnie Chan ([email protected]) or Robert Muresan ([email protected]


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