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How to Make Sure Your Online Employer Brand is Graduate Recruitment Ready

Graduate recruitment season is about to kick off across Asia, so now is an opportune time to review your online employer brand and make sure it’s recruitment ready!

The younger that graduates get, the more native they are to digital. Generation Z are known to be high users of mobile over desktop and place greater value on brand experiences, which means how you show up online will affect your impact on top talent. This is especially true if you are intending to lure returnee graduates to your organisation, because you can’t rely on face-to-face connections. 

How about a neat checklist to help you figure out the important bits?

Online employer brand checklist

If your career site and applications aren’t mobile-optimised, and if your campaign is not candidate experience-focused for seamless and enjoyable recruitment, you might find fewer candidates applying for your roles, candidates dropping out through your campaign, preferred candidates reneging on offers at the end, or potentially, you might come across a few negative reviews once the dust has settled. 

Younger graduates are judging your online brand and user experience, so before you start promoting your opportunities – run through this checklist and give your brand a spring clean. 

Graduate program career site

Your career site is likely the source of most applications and is where the majority of candidates find valuable information. You want to make sure it is in top shape as a poor-performing career site could damage your recruitment campaign. 

Check >>>

  • Is Google Analytics set up? How are visitors entering and interacting on your site? Mobile v desktop? Run a few reports to understand how visitors are using your site and where there’s room for improvement. 
  • What information is available and do potential candidates find it useful? Are you telling them what they want to know? E.g. employee / program benefits, employee advocacy using graduate videos, interviews, blogs, Q&A.
  • Is it a mobile-optimised design? Whip out your mobile and look up your career site – does it look similar to desktop, or is it clunky and slow to load? According to CareerBuilder,  1 in 10 millennials would not apply if a career site isn’t responsive.

Social media profiles

It’s more likely for Gen Z graduates to want to establish a connection or rapport with their preferred employer prior to applying for opportunities. This is where social media is your best friend. 

Check >>>

  • Do you have social profiles and how are they being used?
  • Can you introduce employee-generated content initiatives? E.g. create a hashtag, rotate grads in charge of posting.
  • Are you using quality images, graphics and videos? It doesn’t need to be perfect (raw, unfiltered works well!), but it does need to send a consistent brand message.

Employer review sites

Millennials love peer review sites because it gives them the inside scoop on others’ experiences. 

Check >>>

  • Have you performed a hygiene check of common review sites like Glassdoor
  • What’s being said about you on your social profiles? 
  • Do you have a strategy to control potential fallout from negative reviews?

Google job search

According to CareerBuilder – 73% of candidates begin their job search journey with Google. How your job ads are written and how they will be seen in a Google search should be a key consideration.

Check >>> 

  • Can candidates find your program easily in a Google search? What will they see? Make sure your job ads have effective SEO to help enhance your visibility.

Graduate job boards

Job boards are an effective way to access international talent studying overseas as well as those who aren’t yet familiar with your brand. It’s about making sure you’re present on the right job boards for your target audience. 

Check >>> 

  • Where are your candidates coming from (GradConnection, career site, etc)? 
  • How are they searching for graduate opportunities? And are you listing there?
  • Have you reviewed your profiles on these job boards to make sure you’re providing value, communicating a strong and consistent employer brand, and sharing information that’s current and appealing?

Job ads

Are your job ads and promotions effective? Are they engaging? Are they connecting with the right talent? Graduate applicants want to know about benefits and what they can expect from working with you. 

Check >>> 

  • Do you have a clear GVP?
  • Are you communicating your workplace culture and benefits, and are you setting clear and realistic expectations so potential candidates feel encouraged to apply?
  • Are your job ads generic or interesting, and do they align with your brand culture and values?


Gen Z graduates want to trust their potential employer and they want to feel well informed. When you can effectively communicate your employer brand and opportunities to potential graduates online, you’ll attract more of (and hire) the right people, build and maintain a reputation as an employer of choice, reduce renege rates and increase candidate to job offer acceptance rates, and then live happily ever after. 

Does your GradConnection employer profile need a spring clean? Get in touch with [email protected] for help previewing and updating your profile so you’re recruitment ready.


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