Graduate Recruitment Strategy: Attraction and Assessment Techniques

Posted by Tony Ye

To attract top talent, companies are gradually increasing their presence at in-person events such as company visits, in-person workshops, and welfare events. Some companies continue to use virtual events to target overseas students, as the number of local university students is dropping in Hong Kong, and employers want to hire from overseas. Some employers are even open to hiring candidates who are not Hong Kong nationals.

To target junior talents, companies are launching various early engagement programs such as 1-day virtual programs, mentorship programs, insight programs, and case competitions. The contents of these programs include training, mentoring, networking, business case cracking, and hackathons. Participants and winners of these programs usually have fast-tracked applications for internships or full-time positions. Some examples of diversity and inclusion (D&I) events include "Women in Tech Bootcamp" and LGBTQ career conferences.

For assessment, some companies still conduct virtual interviews as they are more efficient and convenient. However, because virtual assessments may not capture essential skills such as interpersonal skills and business etiquette, some companies are keen to bring back in-person assessments. Physical interviews can increase engagement levels, promote the role and culture better, and enable assessors to judge more easily as there are no tricks or lies. Some students also prefer physical interviews as they can showcase themselves better.

Overall, companies are adapting to the changing needs of the job market and graduates' preferences. By offering early engagement programs, in-person events, and a positive work culture, companies can attract and retain top talent while promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

This article was written with insights based on discussions that took place during the Bloomberg & GradConnection Campus Recruitment Round Table Event on 9 March 2023. If you are interested in finding out more about this topic please reach out to your account manager Bonnie Chan ([email protected]) or Robert Muresan ([email protected]


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