Posted by Nikki Barnard

GradConnection Campus is enabling universities to bridge the gap between returnee students studying around the world and top employers

GradConnection, in partnership with many of the top universities around the world, has launched GradConnection Campus. This online job vacancy platform has been developed specifically with returnee students in mind and is conveniently located on the associated universities websites.

Aware of the tremendous need for improved employability outcomes for international students studying in Australia, the USA and the UK, GradConnection is excited to be working alongside the various universities by providing access to top international job opportunities.

International and domestic students will be able to easily apply for jobs all around the world by conducting either a general job search or a more extensive one, using the filter option, based on the student's’ country of citizenship or working rights.

In the UK over half (58.0%) of all full-time postgraduate students were from outside the UK, according to HESA, and 46.3% were from outside the EU. The 2014/2015 figures show that among undergraduate students from outside the UK, the highest proportions came from Asia (42.7%).

Again similar results are true in the US, with Chinese students at the top of the list. According to Project Atlas, 304,040 students enrolled from 2014-2015 making up 31.2% of the total student population.

Interestingly, Australia has the largest percentage of international students studying onshore at 35%, followed by the UK with 22%, and 15% in the USA. Of the current 348 000 students in Australia, 40% say that they would like to stay and work once they have completed their studies. However, despite the fact that 17% of employers accept international student applications, only 1% are hired and are able to stay in the country. Unfortunately for the 40% of students who want to stay, it is not always possible and we, at GradConnection, need to support them on and offshore.

International organisations who hire students studying abroad could technically fill their entry-level positions from domestic sources, however, they have seen the value in students who have studied within Western institutions. Having gained a cross-cultural experience, as well as good English communication and language skills, these students are of great value to international employers. Without having to worry about visa or work-rights issues for their own citizens, these students are in high demand.

The University of Queensland Careers Service Manager, Daniel Capper, says that the platform highlights graduate opportunities in their home country, provides direct links to applications and identifies international employers who are actively recruiting. He adds that the resource addresses a gap that previously existed for international students who are away from their home country and may feel somewhat disconnected.

GradConnection Campus, alongside the partnered universities, will be giving international employers and students a centralised job source. Backed by our extensive GradConnection global employer network, this innovative platform is the link that has been missing between top international organisations and students studying onshore from around the world.

If you would like to get in touch contact Tony Ye, GradConnection Director, ([email protected]) or click here for more information.


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