4 Tips to Help Your Employer Stall Stand Out During Asia’s Career Fair Season

Posted by Sasha

4 Tips to Help Your Employer Stall Stand Out During Asia’s Career Fair Season

Ever wondered why some employer stalls seem to attract hundreds of students at a time – while you’re left standing alone hearing crickets?

If you’re new to the graduate recruitment space or you’re from an organisation that isn’t as well known, without brand awareness - a well-thought out plan is a must to entice and ENGAGE talent at your stall. Over the past few years we have gathered lots of experience at careers fairs so we’ve put together our best tips for you.

1. Be Prepared, Come Well Informed

There’s nothing worse than plucking up the courage to talk to someone about their workplace culture and graduate opportunities only to find yourself pulling teeth from an employer rep who doesn’t know what’s going on! Make sure you come to the Fairs fully prepared with the right talent. Students appreciate learning realistic job previews from former grads or employees - people they can relate to. Have in-depth, quality, valuable resources for students to refer to and consider in their own time.

2. Stand Out, Literally.

You’re one of Asia’s top employers of choice! You’re a cohesive workforce of engaged employees and you are eager to hire some new grads into your organisation. So, why passively await students’ approach from the back of your stall? Get in the thick of it - in our experience, the stalls with the biggest crowds are those whose exhibitors are standing out the front, making eye contact and inviting intrigued students in to learn more about their programs.

3. Stall Design

When everybody looks the same, we get tired of looking at each other. 

Millennial grads have the attention span of a goldfish - so, change things up at your stall. Embrace brand colours and incorporate unique styles and textures. Can you use technology to attract curiosity? Aim to stand out among the employer stalls around you.

4. Focus on Engagement

You want to be more than a blurry memory. You want to provide a memorable experience that remains in your potential grads’ memory long after the conclusion of the fair - a memory to share amongst friends. Instead of looking at the career fair as simply an opportunity to share information about your program, create opportunities that offer an enjoyable experience. For example, run a competition (Fair scavenger hunt), encourage user-generated content for your social media and Instagram page (hashtag competitions), lucky ‘door’ prizes for the 25th and 100th students to pay your stall a visit - make it enjoyable, make it captivating, make it memorable.

The benefits for employers who attend the university career fairs are countless. Being sure to come prepared and focus on engagement will help your organisation to make an impression, even after the fair ends!

Prepare Your GradConnection Employer Profile for the 2018 Recruitment Season

The team at GradConnection will be on the Career Fair roadshow touring in the Asia Pacific region. Making appearances at all the major fairs, we urge you to come over to our stand and say hi!

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