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Perspectives: 21 Jobs of the Future – Are you ‘future-proof’?


Concern about a “jobless future” has never been greater. Seemingly every day, an academic, researcher or technology leader suggests that in a world of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), workers will increasingly be a surplus to what businesses need. For many people, the future of work looks like a bleak place, full of temporary jobs, minimum wage labour and a ruling technocracy safely hidden away in their gated communities.

It’s a viable question: How will we make a living when machines are cheaper, faster and smarter than we are — machines that don’t take breaks or vacations, don’t get sick and don’t care about chatting with their colleagues about last night’s game?

But our vision of the future of work is an optimistic one. We believe work will change but won’t go away. While many types of jobs will disappear, and many workers will struggle to adjust, a world without work is a fantasy that is no closer to reality in 2017 than it was 501 years ago upon the publication of Thomas More’s Utopia.

A Look into the Near Future of Employment

We propose 21 new jobs that will emerge over the next 10 years and will become cornerstones of the future of work. From data detectives, to cyber city analysts, to augmented reality journey builders, these jobs are not science fiction – they’re jobs your HR department will have to fill before very long.

We’ve positioned these 21 jobs over a 10-year timeline and according to their “tech-centricity.”
Some are highly technical, while others won’t require much tech knowledge at all.



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