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Experiential Leadership Programme

Experiential Leadership Programme allows young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. The purpose of this programme is for a person to develop their competencies of Global Mind-set, Entrepreneurial Outlook, Social Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence and Proactive Learning, taking advantage of the intense experiences which AIESEC offers.

To develop what it takes to be a leader, AIESEC has 7,700 leadership roles involved in running the organisation, as well as trainings in soft skills and functional areas in over 470 conferences and thousands of activities each year. 

Being part of the programme, you will have opportunities to:

Lead a team of individuals to:

  • Build partnerships with corporate clients
  • Run an international project on a relevant social issue
  • Run a recruitment process on campus
  • Organise a conference for 20 to 300 people

Be a part of a local leadership team that:

  • Manages 15-100 volunteer members
  • Manages a budget of HK$10,000 to HK$500,000
  • Serves 5-50 companies and NGOs
  • Runs strategic planning processes
  • Participates in national discussions on strategies
  • Trains and being trained at local and national events

Be a part of a national leadership team that:

  • Manages AIESEC at 7 different universities
  • Delivers trainings at conferences with up to 300 people
  • Manages major partnerships with companies and organisations
  • Represents Hong Kong at AIESEC international conferences
  • Leads the development of a national long-term strategic plan


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